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Design and Engineering by Sava Cvek
Wire Management Line of products provides the most versatile solutions for Sit to Stand Work. It supports a variety of wire, cable, power and adapter products. This line of related products can provide solutions for the most basic needs to the most challenging and demanding wire management situations. Simple and easy to install and created from high performance materials. Perfect for your home office.
Cable Leads are designed to support a variety of cables to allow for the most demanding organization of cables at any point below a desk surface. Cable Leads can be mounted by screws or can be attached to the Plastic or Aluminum Rails when screws are not applicable (glass, metal or other special desktop materials). Wires and cables can be easily placed through the secured openings and safely attached to the Cable Lead on both left and right sides designed for a wider or thinner diameter cable. Cable Leads are molded in a very strong and durable Nylon Material.

US Patent

Holds various cables securely to the bottom side of a desktop
Safely holds cables without glue or self-fastening ties
Simple and safe installation using two screws
Supports cables from one side of a desk to another
Can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces

Cable Lead
2pcs Included

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Free Shipping on all orders over $25!