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We at Home Office Complete office furniture celebrate innovation and a design philosophy that is centered around a person working and living in the home office environment using office furniture.

Our design and engineering team is led by renowned designer Sava Cvek, who has won numerous NeoCon Gold Awards and Red Dot awards for office furniture products. His creative ideas and product innovations are recognized in the USA and internationally. His product designs are included in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Architecture in Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Red Dot Museum of Design in Essen Germany.

HomeOffice Complete goal is to bring to our customers the highest quality products that provide a healthy and productive home office environment. We place every effort to create the highest product performance and exceptional customer service.

Our focus is health and wellbeing, user-friendly design, craftmanship, sustainability and an obsessive dedication to an exceptional ownership experience.

Our products are made with function, value, and style. For us, health and ergonomics are as important in the home office environment, as they are in the corporate office.

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