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Obligation to our Customers
As we recognize and embrace the changing nature of contemporary office work, we are dedicated to providing a healthy, ergonomic, and most productive home office work environment.
Our obligation is to stand behind the quality of craftsmanship and the performance of the product we sell to our customers.
Our warranty covers all parts and components our products are made from.
Home Office Complete products are backed by our 15 years warranty, except as limited in the description below.

Purchase Order
Purchase Orders must include complete information requested by shopping cart procedures stated on Home Office Complete website.
All special orders must include the following information:
Bill and ship to information, company name (end-user and installation company), address, telephone, fax, email, contact person in charge of purchasing, requested ship date, purchase order number, special delivery description(if requested), special shipping and packaging instruction( if different than our standard packaging), proper discount off current price list (as negotiated and accepted by Home Office Complete), product quantities, whole model number and total (list / net) acknowledgment payment information. Special orders must state the shipping company and date goods will be picked up from the Home Office shipping department.
All pricing is FOR.

Terms of Payment
Upon approved credit and properly completed steps in the Shopping Cart procedures, the product will be shipped to a stated customer name and address within the USA. For all special orders, a deposit is required, especially on large custom orders.
Processing of special orders will start upon received deposit and with agreed terms of payment and delivery, accepted and approved in writing by Home Office Complete.

Orders Changes, Cancelations and Returns
Upon properly completed steps in the shopping cart, approved credit, and order confirmation no changes to a placed order are possible.
Do not complete the purchase if not sure of what you want to purchase! Return to start and make sure you have selected correct item you want to purchase.
Returns for all products purchased through a Shopping Cart must be made in writing and approved by Home Office Customer Care Team.
Product returns can be made only by the original buyer, 21 days from the day of purchase, must be accompanied by a proof of purchase/ payment, product must be in 100% perfect condition and properly functioning and must be returned in original package. A fee of 15% will be applied against price of purchase. Customer will be charged for a shipping return fee. Additional proportionate fee will be applied against the purchase price in case a returned product was damaged by abuse and mishandling.

Special Orders Production and Delivery
Production of a special orders will start after completed agreement is approved in writing by Home Office and a Client and after purchase order deposit is received and cleared funds received to Home Office bank account. In case purchase order deposit for a special order is delayed the time schedule for production and delivery will be changed and original agreed schedule for delivery will be reschedule.
Special orders cannot be canceled and cannot be returned.

Home Office Complete list of prices does not include sales tax. The Customer is responsible for paying the required tax set by law. In case a customer for the special order has a state tax-exempt status, Home Office Complete Sales Department must file a valid document before the purchase of the product is agreed to. Sales made without said certificate / documentation will be charged the appropriate sales tax.

All list prices and discounts are subject to change without notice. Prices are stated and in effect at the time of the order entry. Home Office Complete will respect agreed pricing for the special orders; however, if the requested shipment date is more than 90 days after the order date, Home Office Complete reserves the right to price placed and agreed on orders based on the published list price as of the shipment date.

Delivery Shortages
Product shortage or missing parts must be noted at the time of the delivery and must be reported to the carrier for correction. Any claims on missing parts regarding the Home Office Complete product delivery must be made in writing and within three days of delivery, or the Customer waives its right to make such a claim.

Freight claims and external damage
If product packaging shows any external damage, the Customer – the recipient is instructed to accept delivery of a damaged carton, and it should take several pictures and must note the shipment damage on the freight bill- receipt next to the receivers / customer signature, at the time of receiving and inspecting the goods that arrived. Home Office Complete will collaborate with a customer to help issue a credit for repairing a damaged part.

Home Office Complete will not issue any credit for damage in shipping if a customer/ recipient did not record a damaged box, make a proper picture of the external damage, and it did not correctly record the damage on a delivery receipt issued by a shipping company acknowledge by and signed by a driver or a person who has to deliver such goods. Home Office Complete must be informed in writing by email within 24 hours of delivering the damaged package.

Upon reviewing an eligible claim, a chargeable replacement order will be processed after the deposition of a damaged product is determined by Home Office Complete Custom Care Team.

Provisions that apply to Home Office Complete Products
Home Office Complete Warrant the sold product to be free from material and craft defects for the specified warranty periods.
This limited warranty covers the sales of Home Office Complete for the USA market only. Product line availability is presented and described on the current website, and the price list applies to the USA market.

For the duration of the applicable period Home Office Complete, as its sole obligation, will repair or replace, as its option, any product, part, or component covered by this warranty and sold after the effective date of this warranty limited to regular use as a result of a defect in material or craft. Home Office Complete will repair or replace the foregoing product, part, or component with a comparable product, part, or component.

This warranty extends only to original purchasers who have purchased new products from Home Office Complete or its authorized resales. According to Home Office Complete published instructions, the purchased product must have been used, assembled, installed, and maintained by Home Office Complete Factory Trained Technician or an authorized Home Office Complete Installer.
Warranty can be applied only if these requirements are met. If the product was not used following Home Office Complete instructions and specifications, if the product was misused, abused, or any modifications made to the product, the warranty will be void.
Home Office Complete will not warrant the product’s performance when used in combination with other than Home Office Complete product or component.

Home Office Complete disclaims any warranty not part of this document description and disclaims any other warranty, whether fixed or implied, statutory, or otherwise, in relationship to the products, parts, or components.
The warranty period starts from the date of the purchase.

Home Office Complete Products Warranty Coverage

  1. Lift Table: 25 years for metal construction and five years for work surface.
  2. Lift Plus*Sit to Stand: 25 years for metal construction and five years for work surface, three years for height adjustment mechanism, 2 years for electrical components, switch & control box.
  3. Intuition Task Chair: 25 years for metal components, 15 years for mechanism, 10 years for gas cylinder, 10 years for mesh back fabric & 2 years for seat fabric.
  4. Entro Task Chair: 25 years for metal components, 15 years for mechanism, 10 years for gas cylinder, ten years for mesh back fabric & 2 years for seat fabric.
  5. Rhea Task Chair: 25 years for metal components, 15 years for mechanism, 10 years for gas cylinder, ten years for mesh back fabric & 2 years for seat fabric.
  6. Wire Management:
    – Lift Cable M Tray: 10 years on M Tray product line.
    – Lift Cable C Tray: 8 years on C Tray product line.
    -Cable conduct & Tube: 8 years for product permanently attached to a desk or a cabinet using the selection
    -Cable Clip & Cable Lead: 5 years for product permanently attached to a desk or a cabinet using the selection
  7. Quadra LED Task Light: 25 years on LED PCB, 25 years on arm & base, 5 years on electronic LED power unit.
  8. Lili LED Task Light: 25 years on LED PCB, 25 years on arm & base, 5 years on electronic LED power unit.
  9. Accessories for office desk LT Cable Clips: 6 months
  10. Microfiber towels: No warranty
  11. Customer’s materials: No warranty (Com fabrics & surfaces)
  12. Home Office Complete Custom Products The Limited warranty and warranty for products customized with clients and such warranty will be expressed in writing according to conditions agreed in respect to each product.
  13. Home Office Complete Does Not Warranty:
    – Failure resulting from normal wear & tear
    – Material variation in wood grain or natural lines of the material.
    – Changes in surface finish, including colorfastness due to aging, exposure to light, and/or direct sunlight/ natural UV emit ion.
    – Marks, lines, or wrinkles occur naturally in fabric and leather.
    – Piling of the textiles.
    – Fit – finish, matching colors, grains, or textures of natural materials and laminates.
    – Matching of colors of wood, laminates, textiles, leather or surface finishes, colorfastness, an exact match to cuttings, samples, or swatch cards.
    – Staining of the veneer surfaces, marking and damage due to contact with rubber or similar compounds, damage from sharp objects or imprinting from writing instruments, markers, ballpoint pens, color pencils, fountain pens, art paints, and brushes.
    – Motor and mechanism changes in sound character and quality due to changing heights of sit to stand desks, monitor arms, task lighting chair mechanism, and mechanical legs on desks and drawer glides.
    Over time, damage to mesh materials, elastomer fabrics, net fabrics, and upholstery textiles is caused by sharp or foreign objects.
    – Textile, leather, mesh fabric, elastomer fabric, net fabric, soft and hard dual extrusions, laminates, in wood veneers, and other surfaces or non-surface materials due to soiling, stains, or dye transfers from clothing, including denim.
    – Products that are exposed to extreme environmental conditions or have been subject to improper use, transport, or storage.
    Home Office Complete shall not be liable for loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, or incidental or consequential damages.
    To the extent allowed by law, any implied warranties are disclaimed, and to the extent, they are legally required are limited to the duration of this written warranty.
    This warranty applies only in the USA. Home Office Complete will not be liable for loss or damage (including any and all costs), however caused, whether direct or consequential, incurred or suffered by the purchaser or any third party related to the products, and nothing in connection to this statement will or will not be considered to exclude or restrict any liability on Home Office Complete parts, for death or personal injury resulting from negligence.
    This warranty is effective August 2022