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Design and Engineering by Sava Cvek          Home Office Task Chair         

Rhea Home Office Task Chair represents a beautiful integration of function and style for home office work to blend with residential living. The Rhea shell is designed to provide comfort, passive ergonomics, and freedom of movement. The shell is molded in a specially formulated plastic resin material to allow for flex in certain zones while providing firm support in other zones.
The molded arms allow for versatile support in task work and in recline when using a smart-phone or tablet. The wide opening in the back of the shell is designed to provide increased air flow and comfort. Balance Tilt dual-spring self-adjustable mechanism provides the most comfortable support for a variety of tasks including Zoom meetings. The single molded foam seat is engineered to conform to body curvature and to provide reduction in pressure points for maximum comfort. A beautiful addition to your home office furniture.

US Patent

Function, performance, simplicity and elegance
Comfortable polymer technology ergonomic shell
Integrated arm support
Self-adjustable Balance Tilt dual-spring mechanism
Maximum seat aeration to enhance comfort

Light Task Chair – Shell

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Free Shipping on all orders over $25!