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Design and Engineering by SCA Development International               

The Home Office Lighting Quadra LED represents three years of development of the most advanced LED illumination technology we have created. It has a spring balanced arm with directional shade and is designed to be easily positioned in various locations at your desk to support your work. High quality task lighting is crucial for creating a healthy work environment. Good lighting is (after Task Chairs) the second most important element in a properly developed office work station.

Eighty percent of all information is processed visually. It is therefore all the more important that eyes are assisted with good lighting in order to function properly. Perfectly suited for your home office.

US Patent

USB port
Dimming and memory setting
Daylight spectrum LED illumination
Color rendering index CRI-98
Illumination for Zoom and Skype meetings
Adjustable spring balanced arm
Adjustable shade – wide range angles
Energy saving, no occupancy shut off
LED module lifespan 100,000 hours
Low voltage power
Quick connect power cord


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Free Shipping on all orders over $25!