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Design and Engineering by Sava Cvek

Our Wire Management products are designed for Sit to Stand work desks. They can hold and organize a variety of cable, wires, power adapters, and surge protectors. mTray provides a great solution for the most challenging home office and hybrid office environments. Simple and easy to install, mTray’s are produced from high performance, environment friendly materials and production process. Perfect for your home office.

mTray is a Mesh Panel with easy, clip-on-clip-off, connecting clips. These clips attach to the front and rear of the Aluminum Track providing maximum storage space. The durable mesh construction provides expandable support and air flow for maximum cooling of electrical components. The strip sewn along the center of the Mesh Panel provides multiple locations for the attachment for Self-Fastening Ties. The mesh can be opened from the front or the rear side of a desk to allow for hands free work. This mTray has a built in aluminum Accessory Rail which is a platform for holding Cable Clips, tablet monitor arm, or direct power unit. The mTray L model is smaller to accommodate a monitor arm clamp to be located at the center of a desk.

mTray set includes the following accessories in addition to the Tray: 2pcs Single Cable Holder, 1pc Cable Lead, and 6pcs Self-Fastening Ties for optimal organization.

Aluminum Track
mTray L and LX models have an inside Height of 6” or 153mm and Depth of 4” or 102mm.
mTray LX model is 36” or 915mm Long.

US Patent

Home Office Wire Management Flexible storage for electronic chargers and power strips
Pliable Mesh accommodates different component shapes
Mesh provides maximum air circulation and cooling
Fully open Mesh Panel allows for handsfree installation
Extra large space provides maximum storage capacity
Multiple openings allow best connectivity to desktop
Accessory Rail supports Cable Holders to slide in the best position
Accessory Rail supports tablet adjustable arm
Easy rearrangement of cables from front and rear of a desk

mTray LX Accessory Rail
Length 36″ Height 6″ Depth 4″

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Free Shipping on all orders over $25!