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Design and Engineering by Sava Cvek                   

Entro Home Office Task Chair was developed to support contemporary work environments. The Entro back support features passive ergonomic technology. High performance mesh fabric provides low back and central spine column support using patented Variable Mesh Tension. The lower back frame construction supports adjustable thoracic lumbar support for personal tension adjustment back comfort. VFlex Balance Tilt system is unique self-balancing dual-spring mechanism that adjusts to your body motion related to the task at hand.
Entro Task Chair seat technology provides reduction of pressure points, allows for improved blood circulation, and better oxygenation to help you stay comfortable, relaxed and healthy. A beautiful addition to your home office furniture.

US Patent

Simplicity and innovation
Self adjustable dual-spring balance tilt mechanism
Thoracic lumbar support
Variable mesh tension for back support
Seat flexor support for reduction of pressure points
Increased blood circulation and maximum oxygenation
Fixed arm support
Maximum seat aeration

Task Chair

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Free Shipping on all orders over $25!