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Design and Engineering by Lead Trend
Cone Cable Holders are made from soft TPU material as a single or multiple clip model that can be attached along the desktop perimeter. Cone Cable Holders function by securely holding various cables along a desktop within easy reach for charging or data transfer.
Cone Cable Holders are easy to use. Just remove the backing of the double-sided tape and place on a clean and dry surface in the most desirable position. Just push a cable into a top slot of the Cable Holder and it is secured. The large diameter of the opening allows for a free movement of cables toward or away from you. Cone Cable Holders are designed to manage wires up to ¼”(6mm) in diameter. When detaching wires do not forcefully pull them out, hold the Cone Cable Holder firmly in place and then remove the wires gently. Perfect for your home office.

US Patent

Holds various cables securely along desktop edge
Simple and safe installation with double-sided tape
Single or multiple model easily installs along the desktop side
Different colors available to highlight important cables
Allows for free movement of cables toward and away from you

Cone Cable Holder
Single Includes 3pcs, Multiple Includes 1pc

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Free Shipping on all orders over $25!