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Optimize Your Comfort

Enhance your productivity and comfort with our ergonomic Chairs, Sit to Stand Desks, LED Task Lights and more office furniture which has all been designed to support your work. By improving the quality of your work environment, you can spend more time focusing on what you love to do.
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Importance of Lighting

Our Task Lighting uses Daylight Spectrum LEDs engineered for maximum reduction of glare and contract which are essential for your health and wellbeing in the workplace. It also improves your ability to see true colors and fine details while simultaneously reducing eyestrain and fatigue. Explore our Lighting.
Product Development Team

Our Development Team, led by Sava Cvek, is a dedicated group of designers and engineers who research and implement new technology and materials to make the best products to meet the challenges of Modern Hybrid Office and Home Office work environments.

Sava Čvek
Drew Janus
Nikola Đurašković
Novak Čvek
Ingrid Čvek
Chris Belloli
Aleksandar Knežević
Nora Hsu
Joe Chen